Field Trips & Tours


Schedule an interactive classroom experience at the Pearson Field Education Center! Collaborate with our educators to design a field trip to meet the hands-on STEM educational needs of your students and teachers with an aviation theme. Utilize our flight simulator lab, vertical wind table, glider-building station, tinker-maker space, historic airplanes and collections on display, and other creative educational programs.

Attention Teachers! Pearson Field Education Center offers aviation and STEM-based activities specific to your curriculum needs. Bring your class for a unique, informative field trip!

“Our students had so much fun at the Education Center. it was a great experience for them! You and your staff do a great job; we can’t thank you enough! – Traci B.

“Loved our homeschooling field trip at the Pearson Field Education Center the other day. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and the volunteer crew were helpful, funny, and insightful. The kids got to make crafts, climb inside of old planes, and even fly a simulator. Amazing time. Thank you so much.” – Vanessa W.

Can’t come to the Pearson Field Education Center? Then let us come to you! We offer aviation-themed education programs specifically tailored to your classroom’s needs. Our experienced educators bring exciting hands-on lessons covering many core subjects. Some suggested learning modules include:

Module Core Subjects
Learning The Language Of Aviation English, Spelling, Language
What Are The Parts Of An Airplane? Mechanics, Science, Aerodynamics
How Does A Pilot Control The Airplane? Aerodynamics, Mechanics, Engineering
How Do Airplanes Fly? Physics, Aerodynamics
Can An Airplane Be Too Heavy To Fly? Physics, Mathematics
What Do All Those Gauges Do? Earth Science, Atmospheric Science
How Does Weather Affect Flying? Earth Science, Atmospheric Science
How Does A Pilot Know Where To Fly? Mathematics, Geography
How Do Pilots Know Where To Land? Geometry, Earth Science, Geography

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