Where Dreams
Take Flight

Pearson Field Education Center reopens with new hours

As of January 2023 Pearson Field Education Center is now open every Saturday from 10am-3pm and remains free to attend.

Pearson Field Education Center is the ideal location for youth of all ages to experience STEM education through aviation.

Join us for fun with our flight simulator lab, vertical wind table, glider building, historic airplanes and collections on display, and various educational programs.

Experience aviation at the first airport in the Pacific Northwest, and the second oldest continuously operating airfield in the country.

Children must be accompanied by an adult when attending Open Saturday.

Questions? pfec@airsci.org

Interested in after school activities? Learn more about our new programming here

Exciting changes are happening at The Education Center on Pearson Field

The Historic Trust and Airway Science for Kids are excited to announce that programming at the Trust’s Pearson Field Education Center is now operated under the leadership of Airway Science for Kids. This regional partnership merges education programs and resources to expand the Education Center’s reach to inspire youth to pursue aviation STEM education and careers.

The expanded offerings at Pearson Field Education Center include weekly open Saturday programs, after school programs, partnership with Cascadia Technical Academy’s Aviation Technology program and summer camps for youth in Southwest Washington. The partnership with The Historic Trust builds on Airway Science for Kids’ current STEAM education and training programs at its North Portland Aerospace Training Center, at Hillsboro and Aurora airports, and online curriculum.

“By combining these two great programs Southwest Washington youth and their families will have the best of both worlds: An incredible aerospace-based STEAM program with a connection to our community’s rich and diverse aviation history,” said Temple Lentz, CEO of The Historic Trust.

Airway Science for Kids was founded 30 years ago by Bob Strickland to create equity and opportunities through aviation STEAM education. It has inspired and opened doors for thousands of youth, welcoming to all, with a focus on kids of color, kids living on low incomes, girls, and other kids who may face barriers. “This partnership opens up more education and opportunities for our youth, and we are looking forward to working with volunteers, community partners and supporters of Pearson Field Education Center to best serve Southwest Washington youth,” said Julia Cannell, Executive Director, Airway Science for Kids.

Find The Education Center on Pearson Field

We’re located in a hangar on Pearson Field
at 201 B East Reserve Street, Vancouver WA 98661

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.

– Leonardo da Vinci


Through aviation, we inspire youth to pursue education and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, while instilling an appreciation for the people, events, and innovations of historic Pearson Field.


  • We envision The Education Center on Pearson Field as a nationally recognized model for experiential STEM based K-12 education, uniquely combined with the appreciation and inspiration provided by integrating the rich history of Pearson Field and the people and events that came before us.
  • We envision The Education Center on Pearson Field and historic Pearson Field as the entry point to a thriving STEM/aviation cluster within a 100-mile radius of the oldest continuously operating airfield in the Pacific Northwest and one of the two oldest continuously operating airfields in the country. This includes locally available access to education at all levels, a healthy and growing family of STEM/aviation related businesses and the jobs they offer.